Street Entertainers

‘Street performance adds to the attractiveness and atmosphere of Falkirk historic and retail core and should provide pleasure to all town centre users.’

Safer Streets Partnership

Please book your busking slot in Falkirk Town Centre

In order to bring music and entertainment to Falkirk Town Centre, we ask that street entertainers book an allocated time and pitch. This allows us to let businesses know that there will be music in the town, and to ensure that it does not disrupt their day to day operations.

Please email us on or call the office on 01324 611293.

A Guide to Good Practice

  • Be considerate of your local businesses and homes
  • Move on to another pitch at least 50 metres away after 1 hour.
  • Not everybody’s taste in music is the same and most people do not want to hear the same style of music at the same place all day every day
  • Do not set up within 50 metres of another busker.
  • Amplified music must not be at a level that interferes with the ability of businesses or local homes to conduct their business or live peacefully.

Keep Falkirk colourful, entertained and happy!

  • Please don’t sell merchandise.
  • Please don’t obstruct the pavements or precincts with your equipment.
  • Remember to stop performing if you are asked to. You must stop immediately and move on.
  • If you don’t, you could be charged and you risk any equipment being seized – we don’t want this to happen!
  • Care about your town and its people.
  • Be aware that certain areas require silence like funeral homes, cemeteries, healthcare zones, places of worship and transport terminals where announcements need to be heard. Such areas are not suitable for busking.

Falkirk Town Centre Busking Map

The Law

Police Scotland have powers under Section 54 of the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982 to request buskers to stop such activity. If this request is not complied with the matter may be referred to the Procurator Fiscal and the busker’s equipment seized.