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Managing Legionella Course

The purpose of this course is to raise your awareness of the dangers associated with Legionella and methods of control. It helps raise awareness of how dangerous Legionella can be and how to recognise signs and symptoms within your employees, staff and guests and how Legionella can be prevented.

By the end of the course, you will understand where Legionella can be present, and the hazards associated with it. You will also have an overview of the main laws requiring the control of Legionella and the approved code of practice and technical guidance.

Course Length
This course comprises of 1 level and 9 pods of training which we estimate to take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

Once enrolled, you will then have 30 days to complete the course. You can dip in and out of the training to suit your time allowance, however this must be within the 30 days from the date of enrolment.

Course Content
The course consists of the following content:

  • General Introduction
  • Legionella – An Introduction
  • Case Study: Legionnaires Outbreak in Edinburgh, June 2012
  • Specific Risks: Hot and Cold-Water Systems & Spa Pools
  • Hotel Case Studies
  • Testing Cold Water from a Tap
  • Testing the Water from a Hot Water Pipe
  • Case Notes: Legionella Kills
  • Recap

Who is suitable for the course?
This course has been written by a qualified Environmental Health Practitioner and is suitable for all employees, mainly focusing on employees within the leisure and hotel environment.

Next Progression
This is a stand-alone course; however, you may be interested in completing some of our other Health and Safety training courses, such as Fire Safety or L2 Health and Safety in the Workplace.

Certificate Length
At the end of the level, you will be asked to complete a multiple-choice test based on the content within the course.

You must get a pass mark of 80% or above to be awarded your certificate. Based on industry guidance, the certificate length for this course is 3 years.