Collaborating for a Safer Falkirk: United with Our Partners to Enhance Town Centre Security

At Falkirk Delivers, we’re dedicated to enhancing safety and community spirit in our Town Centre. Through a series of targeted initiatives, we’re tackling challenges head-on, including increasing crime reporting, minimising shoplifting, and addressing antisocial behaviour. Central to our approach is the power of collaboration, uniting stakeholders to create a Town Centre that’s not only safe but also welcoming for everyone.

Retailers Against Crime

Falkirk Delivers, in partnership with Falkirk Council and supported by the Shared Prosperity Fund, is proud to administer a proactive safety initiative available to all businesses within the Falkirk Council area. We are offering fully-funded membership to Retailers Against Crime (RAC), on a first-come, first-served basis, as spaces are limited. This inclusive program is open to all local businesses, regardless of their BID membership status, and represents a commitment to combating crime and antisocial behaviour in our community. Members will benefit from access to a comprehensive crime intelligence platform, which facilitates effective crime reporting and provides alerts about local criminal activities. Through this program, we underscore our dedication to enhancing the safety and security of Falkirk’s business environment.

RAC Member Benefits

Becoming RAC member means that you gain access to:

Informative, in-depth training programmes for members on security of information, how to detect and deter crimes, keep yourselves safe and protect your business.

SentrySIS system is used to log incidents, gather intelligence and immediately receive alerts about situations or individuals to be aware of.

SentrySIS is a cloud-based software solution that connects the police, national retailers, business crime reduction partnerships (BCRP’s), private security companies and business improvement districts together through a suite of crime management and efficiency savings applications.

The software underpins essential operational crime processes for all our stakeholders, which add value to their services and creates efficiency savings across their organisations. (

  • Retail crime techniques booklet and posters.
  • Daily Alerts, monthly statistics and annual key performance reports.
  • Area Meetings which feature images of active suspects local to your area, methods of operation and CCTV footage of actual incidents, crime prevention information and local Police participation.

Shopsafe Radio

Complementing our safety initiatives, Falkirk Delivers, in partnership with Falkirk Council and with the support of the Shared Prosperity Fund, is offering a fully-funded ShopSafe radio program, available for our BID members.

These radios serve as a critical tool in bolstering security, enabling direct communication between businesses, our Town Centre CCTV operations, and our ambassador. This interconnected network is instrumental in swiftly addressing safety concerns and suspicious activities, contributing significantly to a safer business environment in the Town Centre. Fully funded availability is on a first-come, first-served basis, underlining our dedication to proactive safety measures for our community. We invite all BID members to join this essential safety network, fully supported for enhancing the security and well-being of our local businesses.

Shop Safe Member Benefits

Becoming a Shopsafe Radio member means that you gain access to:

  • Enhanced Real-Time Communication
  • Increased Safety and Security
  • Community Collaboration and Network Building

Taxi Marshalls

For over 10 years, the Taxi Marshalls initiative has been a pivotal element in enhancing the safety and experience in the bustling heart of Falkirk’s nightlife around Newmarket Street. This vital service, funded and supported by Falkirk Delivers in partnership with Falkirk Council, operates on Friday and Saturday evenings and other key dates throughout the year. Serving more than 70,000 users annually, the Taxi Marshalls contribute significantly to public safety and the well-being of the community. They play an essential role in maintaining order and providing a welcoming atmosphere for those using taxi services, which in turn benefits local hospitality businesses by reducing potential for antisocial behaviour and fostering a positive environment. This initiative is a testament to our ongoing commitment to ensuring a safe, enjoyable experience for everyone in Falkirk.