Local Delivery Service

At the start of 2020, Falkirk Delivers offered a free delivery service.  This proved extremely popular, with over £100,000 worth of parcels being delivered month between January and April.  This allowed some businesses to continue trading amid the closure of non-essential retailers.

From the success, the idea was born to develop and introduce a delivery service that met with Falkirk’s ambition of a green recovery. Funding has been secured from Falkirk Council and Forth Environment Link funding to enable us to provide this innovative service to all the businesses within the BID boundary.

Our Vision

To create a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to fossil-fuelled vehicles when choosing the option of a home delivery.  This will provide the community with a choice in how they receive their online orders and reduce their carbon footprint.

Raising awareness of the true environmental and social costs of the decisions we make, and to provide the means by which the public can influence the decisions retailers make on the services they offer.

In offering this service, we will be supporting the race to reaching net carbon targets, reducing pollution within our community and driving a green recovery of Falkirk town centre.  It also offers the community a conscious choice between fossil-fuels and zero emissions.


Why use Falkirk Eco Deliveries?

Based on the concepts of 20 minute neighbourhoods and last mile delivery services, we will offer a next day delivery service to your home or place of work.  Initially the delivery area covered will be limited.  In time we plan to scale up our infrastructure to enable us to cover the whole of Falkirk district.

What can you deliver?

We can deliver a wide range of small packages including clothing, household items, hair and beauty products and gift sets (including confectionary).  This is not a food delivery service.  Your retailer will be able to advise which items they can offer for this delivery service.

Why use an eCargo bike?

An eCargo bike has the lowest carbon footprint of all competing transport options, including non-assisted cycling.  This makes it the ideal candidate for a clean and green zero emissions delivery service.

What is an eCargo bike?

An eCargo bike is an electrically assisted bicycle (tricycle or quadricyle) with a purpose-built cargo carrying capacity.



Falkirk Delivers’ free local delivery service has been a tremendous help to us during lockdown. The feedback we have received from our customers has been so encouraging and provided us with great reviews for both our business and the Falkirk Delivers team.

Many of the products we sell are small items, and with postage being so expensive, it makes it difficult for customers to justify buying. When delivery is free customers are happy to make the purchase, and I believe the service has encouraged customers to shop local and subsequently help small businesses like ours.


We’ve been promoting our merchandise and vouchers and having the delivery service by Falkirk Delivers has been a great help. Knowing that our customers are receiving a safe, speedy, service has been really useful during this time.