Guidance before filling out the form

What are the aims of the scheme?

  • Promote the Key objectives of the Business Improvement District:
  • Increasing Footfall and Spend
  • Business Support
  • Assist businesses to begin trading online, or develop their existing online presence.
  • Promote economic recovery, in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Who can apply?

  • Self-employed, sole-traders and micro and small enterprises (up to 25 employees)
  • Businesses within the Falkirk Delivers Business Improvement District
  • Levy paying businesses
  • Limited companies

Who is excluded from applying?

  • Any organisation promoting political parties, religion or gambling and betting activities


  • Businesses will be asked to submit 3 months of bank statements to demonstrate trading

and the need for funding.

  • Businesses will be asked to evidence any current online presence and social media.

How will my application be assessed?

  • Key criteria
  1. Value for money
  2. Safeguarding existing jobs
  3. Creation of new jobs
  4. Contribution towards business growth.
  5. Businesses will be prioritised if they have not previously had financial contribution from Falkirk Delivers.


  1. Return the form to
  2. You will then be notified within 10 days if you are successful.
  3. Obtain quotes (minimum 3) from suppliers (Falkirk Delivers can provide a list of e-commerce supplier suggestions to assist you with your project, but will not encourage or favour any particular supplier)
  4. Submit successful bid and Project Plan.
  5. If everything is in order, Falkirk Delivers will send you an award letter within 7 days.
  6. Grant will be paid on submission of invoice for completed work or as per milestones outlined in your grant acceptance paperwork. 

Grant Amounts

All registered BID members are eligible to apply for a grant.  You will pay 50% of the improvement costs with Falkirk Delivers paying the other 50%.  The Falkirk Delivers maximum contribution will be £1,000.

Grant awards exclude VAT.  You are responsible for the VAT element of your invoices.

Improvement CostFalkirk Delivers Contribution Your Contribution
£2000£1000 £1000
Anything over £2000 (a)£1000 (b)a – b


In order to be considered, applicants must:

  • Complete all the fields under Applicant Details. Only the Trading Name is optional if not relevant, but it must be provided if any of the supporting documentation features a trading name;
  • Send all the following supporting documentation to :
    • photographic proof of identity;
    • proof of address;
    • Evidence of active trading (bank statements and 2 other forms of evidence).
  • Have completed Section 2 (E-Commerce Plan)
  • Have completed Section 3, which will be used to assist in assessing your application.
  • Have ticked the box agreeing to the Declaration.
  • Must have paid all years BID Levy Payments.

Complete the form below

Please give a brief overview of your plans and how they will help to grow your business. Specifically, how will your plans help increase sales, increase market reach, lower cost and overheads, improve marketing and help with safeguarding and growing your business.
e.g. provide your website URL, all social media handles or URLs, and other channels where your business is listed (e.g. Google, etc.) Please also note QTY of followers and any supporting evidence of current traffic / engagement to online channels:
Required documentation: Photographic proof of identity and proof of address and Evidence of active trading (3 months bank statements and 2 other forms of evidence)