Falkirk BID Renewal Ballot

As we approach the end of the BID’s third term, businesses will once

again be asked to vote on the future of Falkirk Delivers. This vote will

determine if Falkirk BID continue to deliver projects that bring about

Improvements locally with an improved business environment up to 2026.

The BID Timeline

Business consultation and feedback until 30th June 2021

Business Plan distributed – 1st July 2021

Voting papers issued – 15th July 2021

Ballot closes 5.00pm – 26th August 2021

Results Announced – 27th August 2021

Nominations invited to join the board – 1st September 2021

Now is your chance to get involved and help steer the town towards a more prosperous future. Your feedback as always is welcome.

Click the button below to download our Business Proposal

Why does Falkirk still need a BID?

Our Business Consultation identified 4 key reasons why Falkirk needs a BID now more than ever.

1. Falkirk Delivers will begin its fourth term as a powerful force working for town-centre businesses. All projects can be delivered without external funding. It is, however, a central aim of Falkirk Delivers to secure additional funding to deliver more projects that make a positive impact for the local businesses and the wider community. This additional funding will allow for the extension of existing projects as well as the creation of new projects not included in these proposals.


2. Falkirk Delivers will continue to be a strong advocate for our business members, demonstrating our collective strength in lobbying, marketing and improvements to the area at the best possible value.


3. Falkirk Council, which has provided extensive in-kind support as well as financial assistance since the development phase of Falkirk Delivers, will continue to be a key partner throughout the next BID term. Falkirk Council could contribute up to £1,000,000 in the next 5 years – this funding will be lost to the Town Centre without Falkirk Delivers.


4. If the BID is not renewed, all activity and investment stops. In this current economic climate, it would be unrealistic to assume that this work will be taken on by others with the resources and funds currently available to Falkirk Delivers.


Vote Yes to ensure the Falkirk Delivers continues its work.