Falkirk Grows Food Event

14th October 2017

Falkirk Grows Food Event

You are invited to Falkirk Grows Food event on the 14th of October, 10.30 am until 3pm at Falkirk Trinity Church. 

This is a food growing event for everyone living or working in the Falkirk Council area, whom is interested in Food, in particular growing food. The event is hosted by Falkirk Council, Falkirk Delivers, Greenspace Scotland and Forth Environment Link.

In the morning we will be hearing from community food and growing projects in the area, and exploring ideas for more local food projects. There will be a local and seasonal lunch provided and in the afternoon we have some fantastic workshops running including foraging workshop, grow your own session, making your own up-cycled planters, kids mud pie corner (for adults too) and much more.

Some of the workshop spaces will be limited and we will have a booking sheet at the reception in the morning for you to reserve your place.

To reserve your place please click the link below and register:


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