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In 1877 the villages of Denny and Dunipace were joined together to form a single burgh and have remained linked ever since. However for many centuries before the union they were quite separate communities lying on opposite banks of the River Carron. The original settlement of Dunipace lay near the little mounds known as the ‘Hills of Dunipace’ where the ancient graveyard and modern cemetery lie side by side today. Near here, in the medieval period, stood the chapel of ‘Donypas’, which along with ‘Lethbert’ was part of the Parish of St Ninians and came under the control of Cambuskenneth Abbey.Tradition says that in the late 13th century the priest at Dunipace was the uncle of William Wallace and that the great man made many visits to the area. Indeed the uncle is supposed to have inspired William with his love of liberty and determination to fight for it when the time came. In June 1329 the body of King Robert the Bruce rested here overnight on its way from Cardross to Dunfermline for burial. At this period the more prominent of the two remaining Hills of Dunipace probably had a ‘motte’ or castle on top with a ‘bailey’ or enclosing circular ditch near the bottom.

Denny Town Centre is going through major regeneration just now, and the once dated shops in church walk will be replaced by a brand new shopping centre, with new library, public space for events, a temporary retail village in duke street houses some of the existing businesses, in Stirling Street, businesses such as card shops, gift shop, florist, DIY store, laundry, supermarket and many more long established businesses, once the completion is complete, the new town centre will be attractive to businesses, works due to be completed in 2016. Free parking available in and around the Town centre, local community groups have re-established the Denny & Dunipace Gala day which was very successful and will continue every year, events such as the Denny Family Fun Day, Community events and Christmas light illumination including the Aviemore reindeer.

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