Town Centre Policing Policy

Falkirk Delivers Policing

Town Centre Policing Policy

For the duration of the summer a new and more visible policing operation will be in place in Falkirk town centre. As of Monday 17th June and until 3rd August (so far) town centre officers, Jade and Stephan will be on constant day shift and supported in the town by officers returning from court duties across the day.

Falkirk Delivers has supported local officers in pushing for this and our Ambassadors will be tracking the level of anti-social behaviour over this period to be able to feed back on the impact. Any anecdotal evidence you can share with us during this time would strengthen the case for a more permanent arrangement.

Should you have a need to call the local division, please use the 101 number. It is important that any relevant incidents are logged to allow a comprehensive picture of what is happening and therefor what policing is required for the town centre.

I think we all agreed this type of operation made a significant difference when it was done in the past. Here’s hoping for the same positive outcomes this time.

Falkirk Delivers has also facilitated a meeting with businesses in the Glebe Street Newmarket Street area, local Police officers and Signpost Recovery to address concerns over anti-social behaviour in and around the area.

Businesses in the vicinity were encouraged to report incidents and local officers and Signpost staff agreed to regular visits to businesses in the area. The situation will be monitored and subsequent meetings arranged to track progress.

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