TestTown 2015 – The participants are ready!

TestTown 2015 – The participants are ready!

The 5 TestTown participants have had their training and are now gearing towards showcasing their business ideas in Unit 25 of the Howgate. Over the next few days, each participant will be busy organising and getting their merchandise into the unit.  A special launch event will take place on Monday at 9.30am. They will be trading along with all the other retailers in the Howgate so please show these aspiring entrepreneurs your support by visiting them next week from 12th October to 17th October.

Meet the participants
Chloebella Bags

I started Chloebella Bags in 2013 at the age of 15 years old. After noticing a gap in the market for personalised products I started personalising Jute Bags for family and friends. Two years later I am now running a successful business and will soon be moving into my own workshop. I pride myself on my unique designs ensuring that each Chloebella bag is perfectly matched to each individual. All of my bags are hand drawn, painted and decorated by myself from scratch. I have also created new products which are unique to the market such as my hand-painted, personalised suitcases. My product line is ever expanding and I have recently designed make-up bags and dance bags. I love every part of running Chloebella bags and truly believe my business has the potential to grow and expand.

Maley’s Artisan Chocolate

Based in the heart of Scotland Maley’s work in small batches to deliver hand crafted luxurious chocolates. Using only natural ingredients we develop flavour’s to entice and enjoy, whether a treat for yourself or someone special.Michael Maley had a goal to do something fun when he grew up, little did he know it would take into his 30’s and careers ranging from electrician and chef, to Social Enterprise and Corporate training to find the career that did just that.

Originally self-taught and honing his knowledge training with professional chocolatiers and confectioners around the UK, eventually creating delicious chocolate and confectionery won out and Michael made the jump to start sharing his treats with everyone. In all chocolate work whether its luxury hand rolled truffles, or delicious little quirky chocolate treats for that special child Michael ensures all Maley’s  work follows his guiding principles of flavour, quality and delight.”

Woof and Meow

“Woof and Meow is run by Emma-Louise Ewing. Her passion is for pet accessories and made in Britain. Woof and Meow combines both these interests. She is owned by 2 dogs and 5 cats who help with product development.”

Peaches and Dreams Art

My business is currently more of a hobby – I love to paint and create things, and always have something on the go. At the moment I mostly make gifts for friends and family but would love to expand on this. The dream is to paint for a living, and sell my items in a gift shop. I also like working with kids, so would like to run art classes for children in a shop, or possibly take the idea into children’s wards.

 Karen’s Cakes

I make celebration cakes, this all started when I started making cakes for family and friends and have found that this is a true passion of mine. I would love to have my own unit selling cupcakes and celebratory cakes. I recently made the cake for the launch of Can Do Towns in Falkirk.

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