Scotland’s Towns Partnership – From Tübingen to Falkirk, Transforming our Towns

Scotland’s Towns Partnership – From Tübingen to Falkirk, Transforming our Towns

As Scotland’s Towns Week gets underway, this Wednesday 18th November, Falkirk plays host to the most important date in the calendar for Scotland’s Towns. This year’s Annual Scotland’s Towns Conference will focus on “Transforming Scotland’s Towns”. Over 200 leading towns practitioners from all sectors will gather to hear an exciting range of speakers discuss putting town centres first, including Marco Biagi, Minister for Local Government and Community Empowerment, Ross Martin, Chief Executive of SCDI and an international perspective from German urbanist, Cord Soehlke.

Local Government and Community Empowerment Minister, Marco Biagi, said: “The Scottish Government is committed to helping town centres thrive, and is determined they should be vibrant, attractive and safe places where local people and visitors alike want to spend their time and money.”

“We must ensure town centres are diversified to support their place at the heart of community life, offering access to facilities, affordable homes, meeting places and services that people require. Scotland’s Towns Conference gives us the opportunity to see the progress being made, and to look ahead towards the projects taking place that will help ensure this happens.”

Phil Prentice, Chief Officer of Scotland’s Towns Partnership, organisers of the event and ‘go to’ body for towns, said: “Scotland’s towns continue to define the character of much of the country, accounting for 69% of Scotland’s population as well as two thirds of all jobs and businesses. They also help to define their home city, shaping their regional hinterland with individual and collective character. In most cases they are so much more than the “dormitory” towns of popular parlance. The relationship between Scotland’s towns and our seven cities is a crucial part of our economy, let alone wider society, with each feeding off the other, their interdependence often missing from the public policy debate. Nestled amidst three of Scotland’s cities, and an exemplar of a
town-transformed, Falkirk was an obvious choice as home to this major event.”

Find out what the ideal future town looks like with visionary ‘Town Centre First’ pioneers, Falkirk Council; and fresh from the Edinburgh Fringe hear from ‘Keep the Kids Out!’ – an interactive session to reinforce the importance of creating towns for all.

Falkirk Council’s spokesperson for economic development, Councillor Dennis Goldie, said: “Falkirk Council’s on-going investment across the area stems from a belief that building vibrant and sustainable town centres creates stronger local economies, attracts investment and stimulates place-making for communities. A commitment to develop our town centres and improve infrastructure is also ensuring that the area is a well-connected and facilitated location that can host major events such as Scotland’s Towns Conference.”

Scotland’s Towns Partnership

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