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Falkirk Delivers Renewal Ballot 2016

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Falkirk Delivers has ensured that additional projects and services have boosted the local economy and investment in Falkirk town centre since 2008, reinforcing the cleanliness, attractiveness, safety, security and vitality of the town centre, all leading to the improvement of the trading environment in order to benefit businesses, their employees, their customers and visitors to the area.

Many of the business plan projects delivered in the town centre, have gained great recognition. These projects have resulted in Falkirk Delivers winning numerous awards, which include: the highest Keep Scotland Beautiful (KSB) audit scores which resulted in Falkirk officially holding the award for the cleanest town in Scotland for 5 consecutive years, a Silver Gilt being awarded by Beautiful Scotland, ATCM Award for Developing the Evening and Night Time Economy, British Institute of Innkeepers Social Responsibility Award for the Taxi Marshal service and successfully being a host town for TestTown and most recently being finalists in the ATCM Digital Engagement Award. To view the  2016-2021 business plan, click the following link Falkirk Delivers 2016 -2021 Business Plan


Falkirk Delivers have managed key projects over the last 8 years, all of which had been included in each terms business plan. Falkirk Delivers are commited to working on behalf of the levy paying businesses to provide added value. Over the 5 year term, Falkirk Delivers have secured in excess of £1.6 million in additional external funding, over and above the £1m levy payments collected – this £2.6 million investment would not have happened without the BID.  This has allowed Falkirk Delivers to deliver activities over and above those described in the business plan, such as the celebratory event Steeple 200, the Scottish Cup Final celebrations, both increasing footfall to the town centre, instilling civic pride and adding to the overall vibrancy of the town.

Visit Falkirk 2015 0519 - 06 (at wheel)Falkirk Delivers are key partners with VisitFalkirk and have been instrumental in projects such as the launch of The Loop tourist bus which saw over 30,000 people using the service in the Summer of 2015. Falkirk Delivers are also key partners in the Townscape Heritage Initiative (THI) resulting in multi-million pound investment to deliver improvements to the fabric of many key buildings in the BID area.

Sustaining this investment is absolutely essential to Falkirk’s success. Vacant22508_922051274507952_8105560160993245139_n commercial premises are still a problem, with many large and medium sized businesses moving to retail parks and reducing number of premises in favour of online trade, but neither retail parks nor e-commerce will ever usurp the position of our town centres as the hearts of our communities. If they are neglected, however, they will be lost.  Falkirk has been more forward-thinking than many other towns, through its businesses collectively voting for this BID investment in 2008, then again to continue  through 2011-2016, but this investment does not continue automatically.

As important as the delivery of day-to-day projects and services is the building  of strategic partnerships with organisations aimed at regenerating town centres (such as Scottish Government, Scotland’s Towns Partnership, BIDs Scotland, Keep Scotland Beautiful, VisitScotland, Scottish Business Resilience Centre and ATCM). Keeping Falkirk intimately in touch with national town-centre strategy,external funding streams and new thinking on town centres is central to its relevance and effectiveness. Again, without a consistent and sustained approach to maintaining and strengthening these relationships, Falkirk’s ability to capitalise on modern initiatives to revitalise the town will be greatly diminished.

A series of short promotional films which have been commissioned by Falkirk Delivers to showcase the specific skills within BID businesses and to showcase the events that run year on year, these can be seen below:

Falkirk Reindeer Event

Christmas Lights

Hands On – Morphotechnics

Hands on Falkirk – Making award winning Pasta at Amodo Mio

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