Falkirk THI

A Townscape Heritage Initiative, or THI for short, is a grant-giving programme that helps communities to regenerate Conservation Areas displaying particular social or economic need. The scheme typically involves a number of funders contributing to a ‘Common Fund’, from which grants are given to local property owners, businesses and organisations to allow them to carry our high-quality repairs and other works to historic properties and spaces within the THI area.

Falkirk THI is jointly funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF), Historic Scotland, Falkirk Council, and the Falkirk BID. Between 2013 and 2018 we plan to invest £5.5 million in the town centre with the aim of helping to regenerate the area through investing in its unique and rich heritage. The funding will be used to:

Repair and restore the area’s important historic buildings and structures;
Improve the public realm;
Restore shopfronts to their traditional design;
Bring vacant historic floorspace back into use;
Engage the community and help local people learn more about their heritage;
Provide training and job opportunities linked to the conservation of traditional buildings and historic environments.

Aims and Objectives
The overall aim of the THI is to breathe new life into Falkirk’s historic Town Centre by improving the physical appearance of the area and enhancing the things that make it special and unique. Because people are attracted to and enjoy living, working and visiting historic, locally distinctive and well-kept places, the THI aims to improve the economic and social success of Falkirk Town Centre by creating a high quality urban environment where people will want to spend their time and money.

Townscape Heritage Initiatives have been successful in transforming Conservation Areas throughout the United Kingdom, increasing both their attractiveness and prosperity. We hope the same can soon be said for Falkirk.