Our Key Aims & Strategic Objectives

Our key aims and objectives have been developed following our detailed consultation with businesses on what they want for the future of Falkirk town centre.

Key Aim

To make Falkirk town centre a clean and attractive, safe, and friendly location in which businesses , visitors and residents will wish to invest financially and enjoy.

Strategic Objectives

1. Taking a Pride in Falkirk
To ensure Falkirk town centre is clean and attractive, vibrant well cared for and improved.

2. It’s Friendlier in Falkirk
To ensure the safety of businesses, town centre users (visitors and residents)and to assist in reducing the potential for crime and anti-social behaviour day and night.

3. Let’s Shout about it
To provide and implement a full marketing strategy aimed at encouraging footfall, spend and ultimately customer loyalty to Falkirk town centre businesses.

4. Additional Services
To provide a strong collective voice on behalf of the town centre business community , representing their interests at a local and national level. To act as advocates on behalf of the town centre encouraging development and maximising opportunities as they arise.
Also, to provide a range of support services to town centre businesses including reduced costs in a variety of core business costs such as telephony, waste, postage and basic utilities etc.

All activity undertaken by Falkirk Delivers fits within one of these key objectives. Over and above the projects and services contained in the Business Plan, Falkirk Delivers will take advantage of any unforeseen opportunities that may arise. Each year, the BID Board develops and monitors the annual project plan.