Best Bar None Scotland launches national campaign to highlight vulnerability

Best Bar None Scotland launches national campaign to highlight vulnerability

A national campaign to raise awareness on the issues of vulnerability, social responsibility and education for individuals who have become vulnerable on a night out, has been launched today.

The campaign has been launched by Best Bar None Scotland, a nationwide scheme sponsored by Diageo, Molson Coors, Heineken, Tennents, Maxxium UK and Chivas Brothers and supported by Police Scotland, the Scottish Fire & Rescue Service, the Scottish Licensed Trade Association and the Scottish Government, with support in local areas from Local Authorities, Community Safety Partnerships and Business Improvement Districts.

Best Bar None Scotland has released a new video a “Good Night Out….?” the first stage of a new hard-hitting campaign showing the human stories behind how lives can be dramatically altered through vulnerability, where alcohol could play a factor.  It also highlights where bystanders including staff in the licensed trade could have intervened and made a difference to public safety.

The video is the vehicle to deliver public messaging and training to venues and is Best Bar None’s contribution to raising awareness of our social conscience in Scotland.

Spearheading the a “Good Night out…?” campaign, the video follows the stories of three people on individual nights out who become vulnerable, including the story of Amy a 17 year old that goes on a night out with friends and is the victim of a sexual assault when she becomes estranged from them.

The video also follows the stories of Graham, a young man who becomes a victim of his own conduct and decision making and Laura, a woman who becomes vulnerable after a night out with work colleagues.

With each of the three human stories, the video shows what happens and then tracks back through the evening, showing the bar staff and members of the public the vulnerable encountered along the way, and how they could have intervened to produce a different outcome.

The video is intended to raise awareness in the licenced trade and the public, and tie in with advice from Scotland’s Chief Medical Officer on reducing vulnerability by staying in control while drinking, avoiding risky places and activities, making sure that you are with people you know and ensuring you can get home safely.


It poses questions about what we as a society can do to protect people who become vulnerable, how can we prevent crimes against them, how can we intervene as members of society, how can we promote social responsibility and what is the best way to train staff?

The Best Bar None Scotland campaign is produced in conjunction with the Scottish Business Resilience Centre (SBRC) with support provided from Diageo and Best Bar None Glasgow.  The video has been created by Patrick Stutt of Solo Creative.  It is based on a highly successful campaign which ran in New Zealand.

Mandy Haeburn-Little, Chair of Best Bar None Scotland, said:

“We wanted to produce a concept that would be challenging and which at various points in the film would provoke discussion and really make people think ‘well what would  I do’ and ‘what is the right thing to do’.. Scotland has made a commitment to really looking out for the vulnerable in our society and this is an excellent example of how we can all help to make sure that our friends and loved ones get home safe.

“The “Good night out…?” campaign raises issues that are not easy to think about but as a socially responsible society they need to be addressed.  Everyone enjoys a night out and no-one wants to think they are going to find themselves in difficulty so this is all about prevention.

“Best Bar None is a scheme for pubs, bars and clubs – it’s all about quality. Quality of experience when going out, quality of customer care and quality being applied to every aspect of a visit.  We all want to enjoy going out, we all want to feel safe and we all want to know that family and friends are safe.

“We will be following the video release with a code of practice for our members “The Bar Code”, which was produced in association with Police Scotland. It sets guidelines for staff in licensed premises and how they can intervene and make a positive impact.

“As a third phase of our campaign within the trade, we will be rolling out training across Scotland.”

The video can be viewed at:


 A trailer for the video can be viewed at:

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